What You Can Do To Help Prevent Suicide.

Suicide is the intentional act of killing oneself. In many cases, suicide can be prevented. Up to 75% of the people who have attempted suicide do something to let us know their intentions before they act. Their behavior changes in a notable manner, they show warning signs and often say something that tells us they are in trouble and need help. For example, you might hear them make statements like ‘I want to be dead forever’ or ‘I can’t handle this pain anymore.’

One of the ways to help identify suicidal thoughts and ideas is to be an active listener. Listening is a dying art and we at Samaritans Mumbai practice active listening, reaching out to as many people as we can. On a basic level, active listening takes the focus off of the helper and puts it on the person being helped. In this way, active listening is not only a very effective form of communication, it also alleviates some of the isolation, loneliness, low self-esteem and feeling that nobody cares that often accompanies bouts of depression. Active listening helps the person realize that they are important and that everyone deserve time and attention. For the person in crisis, being in communication with someone who is actively listening can be a calming and steadying influence. And most beneficial, it also assists that person in getting their feelings out in a safe and supportive environment, thereby preventing suicide. Continue reading “What You Can Do To Help Prevent Suicide.”

Rise of suicide among youngsters – Failure of Society ?

Parental love is nature’s way of ensuring procreation and progeny. When does it all really begin? In the womb? Or afterwards? When do parents really start caring for their offspring ? And is it that simple? Can
parenting be taught? Can you be coached to be a good mother or a loving father? One would have thought that caring for an offspring would be the most natural act in the world. So then can any parent wish ill-will
for their child, only or otherwise?

So what is going wrong? Continue reading “Rise of suicide among youngsters – Failure of Society ?”